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Cytosport Muscle Milk Review

cytosport muscle milkHave you ever had a Muscle Milk? They sell it in these incredibly expensive carton in my local Texaco, and you can get it in shake form as well. I’m not sure what I think about the health benefits yet, but as far as taste goes–meaning, taste as far as protein supplements go–I rank it right up there with anything I’ve tried. It’s not as good as bacon, of course, but it’s way better than lots of other protein crap I’ve tried.

That said, there is really only one reason I take protein supplements: I think it’s a hassle to prepare food, but I eat a lot, both in physical mass and in calories. If I actually had to chew everything I wanted to intake every day, I’d probably never break 1000 calories in day. That’s not exactly going to help me build a lot of lean muscle, and so I drink. And drink. And drink.

And that’s how I came to Muscle Milk. I was in the gas station, I needed something healthier than a soda, and there, sandwiched between the energy drinks and the rack of Cheetos, was a 17 oz carton of Cytosport Muscle Milk. I would say the price was right, except it wasn’t. $3.49 for 17 oz and 32 grams of protein, but again, better than soda. And it tasted good. Maybe not something I would just sit around and sip, but very good for a protein supplement.

Later on I would order a container for the shake mix and would have a similar experience. Lots of $$ for the amount. The shakes all had 47 grams of protein, which, when combined with whole milk, were pretty serious. It tasted better than the carton from the store, but the serving size and amount of servings in the tub just wasn’t worth the price to me.

Taste, yes. Worth it. But for someone who trains as much as I do, who wants to drink as many calories I do, who makes as little money as I do (don’t go into librarianship if you want to be rich), I just couldn’t spend the money as often as I would have needed to.

But if you can afford it, highly recommended. I doubt it does anything that any other shake does, however, with all respect to the supplement marketing machines. Give me a steak anytime. I’ll just need to have it blended up for convenience.


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