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Strength Training Log: 11/26/2010

This morning I went in for a strength training session at about ten AM. Sumo deadlifts tested well but I was not feeling up to it in terms of energy, even at light weight. The press pattern was not good, but the press from extension with the 75 lb axle tested great as has been the case over the last several days.

The only movements I actually tracked today were push presses with a 24 kilo kettlebell, and bottoms up presses with the same bell. Knocked out 110 push presses in five minutes, and 50 bottoms up presses in four minutes.

A good, light morning. Felt great all day. Have been experimenting with some of the inhibition exercises from the Alexander Technique, which I’ll be reviewing soon. There’s a lot of overlap in philosophy between Alexander and Gym Movement in terms of how we view tension and effort, but there are huge differences in the application.

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