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Free Grip Strength Videos From Adam Glass

strong handsAnother day at World’s Strongest Librarian, another announcement that I am extremely excited about. And yes, it has to do with what it nearly always has to do with: strength. Getting stronger. Making progress as a means to being happier.

Here’s the message. I’ve been waiting for Adam to get around to this for a loooooong time.

Whether you are making progress or not, I believe you have a void in your fitness program; whenever we’re not meeting our maximum potential, there is a cost. Time is never on our side. This gap between where we’re at and where we want to be costs costs us pounds on our lifts and exercises and size on our arms. By arms, I mean the whole thing between your shoulder and your fingertips, not just the biceps/GUNZ. Without this one seemingly trivial thing, nothing is as good as it could be.

Ready? We are talking about grip strength. Wrist strength. Forearm strength. When any of these improve, everything has the chance to improve. I would ask about the last time you trained your thumb, or those other four digits sticking out of your palm, and your wrist, but I know. For most of you, the answer is probably “Huh?”

I understand. I really do, but you’re missing out on some awesome (technical term). Grip strength training has sort of gone the way of the Dodo bird in the fitness world. The information isn’t exactly easy to gather up and study, even though there’s way more information available today than there ever has been before.  It’s not the easiest information to find, even now in the age of information. What we’re seeing is a lot of elite trainers who still don’t have a good grasp on grip strength, both in terms of the how and the why.

I’m to learn. I’m going to send you to visit my friend Adam T Glass, who you’re already familiar with if you’ve read this blog for very long.

Adam is a competitive grip athlete and performing strongman. He is…different. He doesn’t just lift weights like the normal people, he bends steel bars with his hands, and when he gets bored with that he rips decks of cards and phone books in half in a second. He twists horseshoes into hearts and lifts hundreds of pounds with one finger. He is also the only world record holder I know personally, in the 2″ vertical bar deadlift with a 353 lbs pull at a body weight of 204lbs. He has closed the Ironmind Captain of Crush #3 (for many reps) and bent the famous Ironmind Red Nail. These are feats that are beyond difficult. But more impressive to me has been the realization that Adam is just as good at teaching this stuff as he is at doing it.

Would you like to have a couple more inches on your arms? I would. I suspect most guys reading this would, whether they admit it or not.

Now then, now then, time to watch a couple of videos. Adam has filmed a few things for free that you can see on this page:  www.IndustrialStrengthGrip.com. You’re about to learn some things you’ve never seen and I hope it will get you inspired to get into the strange, fun, and useful world of grip strength.

Please go have a look at let Adam know what you think of the videos. It’s possible to make huge gains in grip strength an extra five minutes in every workout you do. I think it’ll be worth your time and even if you don’t care about this stuff at all, it’s still pretty cool to see Adam doing his thing.



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  • Pim November 23, 2010, 1:51 am

    Hi Josh,

    Grip training is new to me. How do I fit it in with my existing training. Where does it fit in. Do you do it on separate days or at the end of your existing training? Or something totally different?

    • Josh Hanagarne November 24, 2010, 5:15 pm

      Pim, I don’t really have dedicated grip days. I sneak reps in here and there during my normal workouts. There are days when none of the big movements test well, and those would be the only days where I would potentially only work my hands.

      To start with I would work on incorporating pinching, crushing, and open-hand support grip work into whatever you’re currently doing. As long as you track the numbers you’ll be able to tell if it’s working.

  • Jack Stanton November 23, 2010, 2:49 am

    Josh, No question about it Adam Glass is strong, and he can do some interesting feats of strength. However when discussing grip, wrist, and forearm strength almost no one talks about Shield Casting heavy Meels (Indian Clubs). Shield Casting Meels not only develops grip, wrist, and forearm strength, but it develops shoulder and core strength as well. Plus it really improves your balance, coordination, and stability. If limited to only one grip etc. movement it would be Shield Casting heavy wooden Meels.

    • Josh Hanagarne November 24, 2010, 5:14 pm

      Jack, I got my hands on a heavy Indian club for the first time last week and have been looking into shield casting. You are right, I can see it doing a lot of good things at the right weight. What is a meel?

      • Jack Stanton November 24, 2010, 9:24 pm

        Meels are the Persian name for Indian Clubs. The shape of the Meel is different than the British Style Club. Here is as link showing pictures of my clubs. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2047086&id=1090445891
        If you are interested in Shield Casting Indian Clubs, Ageless Strength has a very short video showing the correct way to Shield Cast. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBqsTQbPUNM
        If I may be of any assistance with your club swinging let me know. A couple words of caution: first learn the proper techniques for the movement you want to do using probably 10 lb. clubs max. This has nothing to do with strength. A 10 lb. wooden Meel will be about 30” tall and is a lot more difficult to control than say Ryan Pitts 6” loadable globes at the same weight. They are about 21” tall. Second while I would recommend wooden clubs from either Revolution Clubs or Huffaker Woodworking, Ryan’s 6” loadable globes would be my second choice not Clubbells. Third be very careful while doing Shield Casts or the Pahlavani Mills. One last comment British Military Style Club Swinging is very enjoyable also and while the clubs are lighter (1 to 10 lbs) you get much the same benefit.

  • Todd November 23, 2010, 7:19 am

    I can honestly say that I’ve never paid much attention to grip strength. But, thanks to you, it’s been on my mind. I’ll check out Adam’s vids, and see what I can do to incorporate this into my training.

  • kaiser November 23, 2010, 11:29 am

    am i missing something? i gave my email address to see a video clip of a guy bending things and a fluffy piece on how manly it is to have thick forearms. absolutely no useful information there.

    is he going to actually post more videos with legitimate techniques or is this a web 3.0 way of building an email list for marketing spam?

    • Josh Hanagarne November 23, 2010, 11:47 am

      More to come Kaiser. Adam’s going to be posting a series of videos over the next week. You can ask him if he’s doing it to spam you. If you don’t want him to have your email it should be very easy to unsubscribe.

  • Demond Thompson November 23, 2010, 2:40 pm

    Yay!!! Can’t wait! Been working on card tearing for a bit. I’d like to start ripping through them even faster. Heh.

  • Casey November 24, 2010, 10:29 am

    Gingerbread than grip strength you cover the waterfront.