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Gifts For Bodybuilders, Weightlifters, and Fitness Fanatics

World’s Strongest Librarians do not do black Thursday or Friday or whatever it is coming up. Next week is the hideous shopping week where everyone takes to the streets to gather up toys by tooth and claw. If you have someone in your life (even if it’s you) who loves bodybuilding, strength training, weight lifting, or anything to do with the fitness world, and you’re not up for the melee of the next five or six holiday shopping weeks, this post is for you. I’m going to give you a quick breakdown on my favorite things, many of which you’ll be familiar with if you’ve been reading this blog for upwards of an hour.

Grip and Rip 2.1 DVD by Adam Glass

In my opinion, the best fitness product there is, largely because for many people it will be the last one they ever need. This product is for anyone who wants to quit paying personal trainers and who want to quit spending money on fitness programs. The DVD teaches you how to test your movements, program your own workouts, and stop guessing about what you “should” be doing.

Adam is selling Grip and Rip for half-price for the next 24 hours.

Russian kettlebells

kettlebellStill my favorite fitness and strength training toy. If you’re new to the kb scene, please read my lengthy kettlebell manifesto, which also doubles as a kettlebell buying guide. Spoiler: although I have parted ways from the Dragondoor and RKC kettlebell methods…I still love their RKC kettlebells and consider them the highest quality. Yes, you can make progress with other bells, no, I really don’t want to if I don’t have to.

Anything from Stronger Grip Enterprises

Strong hands are useful. Grip strength work is addictive and fun. Ryan Pitts makes wonderful grip equipment. I currently have one of his leverage pinch blocks, a plateau buster (my review), a weird custom setup he made for me for my pinch deadlift, and a loadable sledgehammer for leverage and wrist strength. Spend a few minutes browsing the Stronger Grip catalog.

Gymboss Interval Timer

gymbossA great little doo-dad for tracking intervals in your workouts. I use it for many of my kettlebell sessions, and also for a stopwatch. The price is right for something this durable and easy to use. Read my Gymboss Review.

Grip books from Jedd Johnson

Jedd has written a couple of ebooks that have helped me tremendously in my grip pursuits. One is about how to tear a deck of cards in half, the other is about how to bend nails, bolts, and other nonsense like that. I love both and would not have made as much progress as I have without them.

My card tearing book review.

My steel bending manual review.

There are a lot more things that I could write about, but these are my favorites and they are the ones I would not want to do without.

For me, fitness and strength training are about having fun. These gizmos and fitness gifts for weightlifters make it more fun for me.



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