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Strength Training Log 11-16-2010 – Sumo Deadlifts and Plateau Buster

It was a very interesting night of training. My ribs felt fine. I sat less than ever at work, and spent whatever time I was not standing moving, squatting, balls of the foot work, etc. By the time I got to the gym at 4:30 I was rearing to go.

Sumo deadlifts tested well. I pulled a few very easy singles at 405, which is a 100 pound PR from the beginning of this year for the sumo style.

I did some barbell clean and jerks, but the payoff was in working some eccentric movements from lockout, just three to four inch dips. The eccentric portion of the vertical pressing pattern is often where my ribs feel most misaligned, and this helped immensely.

I also worked a few easy sets of 275, swinging the Stronger Grip Plateau Buster. I have to say, that delightful piece of equipment is absolutely taking all the magic out of kettlebell swings for me. Oh well. there is just something primal about swinging hundreds of pounds at a time that you can’t get from even the heaviest kettlebell. It is also great for one hand deadlifts, which I also pulled some easy sets on at 275.

Then I worked in about 100 clean and jerks with the 32kilo girya (100 per arm) and taught me class. In class we worked a lot of bottoms up patterns, some falling and rolling practice, and pinch deadlifts. Overall a great day of training.

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