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Strength Training Log – 11-15-2010 – Decline situps and inversions

Strength training log from yesterday.

Last night on the way home from work I got the urge to just stop by the gym and do a couple of quick things. I was having some rib discomfort from the sitting I had experienced all day and wanted to test a few things out. I had spoken with Frankie earlier in the day about spinal compression and axial lengthening. I had been having some success with barbell pullovers, which yielded good results with a shoulder flexion test, but the results could quickly be undone by sitting down for a few minutes.

A barbell pullover is a passive axial lengthening, meaning that you are not willfully elongating the spine in the same way as if you were to stand up straight, and then press the top of your head towards the ceiling, pulling and stretching the vertebrae. Rather, in the pullover, the stretching is dependent on the load and the speed at which the weight is brought back, and the depth of the eccentric portion.

Anyways, what I wanted to experiment with were some inversions. I wanted to test out situps from the decline position on a Roman chair, actually hanging upside down from a pullup bar, and a couple of variants with different degrees of hip rotation.

The decline situps tested better than the pullovers, and the situps on the Roman chair with full hyper extension were the best of all. After just a couple of reps my ribs felt like all the damage of the day spent in a chair had been reversed. I also played around a bit with hanging upside down, but it severely limited my ROM and didn’t test as well.

After all that I just knocked out a few pullups with a 24 kilogram kettlebell and called it good. Today at work I have been working the back hyperextension every few minutes and am excited to see if it pays off tonight with the biofeedback testing when I hit the gym before kettlebell class.

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