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Mozart’s Brain and the Fighter Pilot – Book Review by Logan Christopher

mozarts brain and the fighter pilotWhen I picked up this book I thought it would be more of an intellectual book than it actually is. I thought it would be full of studies about how the brain works, and stories detailing its amazing achievements, like those of Mozart composing his symphonies or a fighter pilot making split second decisions.

It does contain this material though not in as much detailed as I had anticipated. Instead the book is full of exercises for you to do to develop your brain power in many different ways. Its very practical.

The author Richard Restak is a neurologist and clinical professor. This isn’t his first book on the brain (in fact I think he said it was number 12) so you can rest assured it comes from a man with credentials. But neither is it a stuffy text book, it can be quite enjoyable to read.

There are 28 chapters and with each chapter you have a main idea on how the brain works and can be used. In the vast majority of these are numerous exercises for you to follow.

For example in the chapter ‘Develop You Emotional Memory’ you are guided to look at an old photo album and try to re-establish not the memories of the past but the emotions you had going on at the time.

In the chapter ‘Heighten Your Sensory Capacities’ you are given an exercise with a bonsai tree. First you imagine being up in the air looking down at a tree as you would in an airplane. Next you zoom in to see the details of each leaf.

The best part is that the book really involves whole-brain activity. You’ll notice areas that you are weaker in and have room for development.

For anyone that wants to improve their brain power this is an excellent place to start. I would also encourage you to check out How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci for more ideas. With these two books, and time spent doing the exercises, you will become smarter in a multi-dimensional way.

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Logan Christopher runs several online websites. One of his sites dedicated to helping people make money online and maximizing their productivity, also talks more about how to learn better.

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