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Horror Games For The PS3 (That I Have Played)

resident evil 5

Ever since playing Haunted House for the Atari 2600 I have been a fan of horror and spookiness in video games. Of course, it took a while before the horsepower of the video games could actually handle what was needed to make a frightening game. In this post, which I will add to as I play new games, I’ll be discussing Horror games for the PS3, and my brief thoughts about each.

And just because I’m actually pretty excited, the first game I will be adding next week is the downloadable content for Red Dead Redemption–they are releasing a massive addition with zombies! Too cool, and for only 10 dollars, I’m there.

But back to the horror games I have already played.

Resident Evil 5

I had very high hopes for this, but RE5 ultimately became a game that I liked but didn’t love. I have loved nearly every entry in the series, going all the way back to the Playstation 1. My favorite version is Resident Evil 4, although some people complained that the the game had become more of an action shooter than a traditional RE game.

I completely disagree. RE4 had all the things I have always loved. Great environments, puzzles, trucking back and forth to cart items all over to unlock secrets and new passages, and of course, the zombies.

I would argue that Resident Evil 5 is where the game got away from the things that make the series so great. It felt like an action game to me. I like action games, but if you slap the name Resident Evil on a disc, I would like it to have the feel of the series. For me, it just didn’t, save for a few good moments here and there.

It has zombies, it has beasts with tentacles, it has a ridiculous inventory system, it has Wesker, and so on. And in a truly novel twist, it has a whole lot of daylight and sunshine.

But it felt like a frantic shooter to me. There was no dread, no mystery, and no real tension beyond the frantic “Oh crap I wonder if I can shoot all these things in time.” There’s nothing wrong with that, but if RE heads towards being a button masher I’ll be disappointed.


I’m finally getting around to the original Bioschock game, after hearing so much about it. I had heard such negative things about Bioshock 2 that I hesitated to pick up the original, but I’m glad I did.

The story is extremely creepy, the sound and graphics are great, and I’ve rarely had so much fun being frightened. Yes, a game can be frightening. Set in the underwater city of Rapture–after the place went all to hell for reasons that are gradually uncovered, it is an experience like no others I have had.

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