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Benefits of Fasting – Guest post by Logan Christopher

junk foodFasting is the act of going without food for a period of time. This is an ancient tradition and has some great benefits. Before we get to those I want to detail a bit more of what sort of fasts there are.

Definition of Complete fast

This fast is done without food or water. Nothing is taken in during the fast. As this can lead to dehydration quickly it is not for the average person to do. This normally reserved for religious ceremonies.

Water fast

This is the typical fast. No food is taken in. Just water and plenty of it. Sometimes teas are allowed, or lemon added to the water.

Liquid fast

Sometimes fasting is done with fresh juices or other calorie filled liquids. It still slows the digestion as it doesn’t need to break down rough food and can typically be done for a longer time. This allows you to get nutrients into the blood stream and can help with cleansing. Be careful, you play hell with your blood sugar though.

Nutritional fast

A nutritional fast is usually a water fast but nutrition is added. This can be through pills, powders or other means, getting micronutrients in but leaving out the macronutrients. This will make the fast easier, and also made aid in cleansing.

Now let’s talk about why you would want to fast.

Why should I fast?

As you read above fasting is a great way to cleanse the body. Digestion is one of the most energy intensive processes in the body. And if you eat like a typical American you’re eating every couple hours without fail. More often than not food cannot be completely digested in this time.

You do some time when you are sleeping to catch up. But again many people go to bed with a full stomach after dinner, their biggest meal of the night. Sometimes digestion may catch up, other times not. Compound this day after day, week after week, and year after year. The system gets backed up and health issues begin to occur.

By fasting you give the body time to play catch up. I would also be recommend looking into various forms of cleansing to help.

With no food being digested, the body can use its energy and resources towards other means. The immune system will often ramp up. (For this reason I recommend fasting at the first sign of many common illnesses as all animals in nature do. It will pass much faster if you do. Then again if you fast regularly before you get sick you may not get sick at all!)

A good regular program to get onto is to fast for 24 hours once a week. Go from one meal one day to the same meal the next day with no food, just water. This gives your body a break every week. And then you can enjoy longer fasts every once in awhile.

Fasting will also develop your mental toughness. If you haven’t gone without food for awhile then fasting can be tough. Not to worry, you won’t starve. But it will exercise your will power. And if you truly want to challenge yourself fast while surrounded by food. Not easy.

Fasting can also be a helpful form of time management. Without having to prepare or eat food you now have time to go longer.

There is much more to fasting then this. I got my start by reading Paul Bragg’s The Miracle of Fasting which I would recommend to you as well.

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Logan Christopher runs Legendary Strength which helps people achieve the greatest strength and health. You’ll find plenty there from feats of strength to out of the box health tips.

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