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The Mist by Stephen King – Book Review

the mist by stephen kingThe Mist is a loooong piece of short fiction by Stephen King. It is also one of his best, a truly memorable story that was made into a movie that was actually okay, as Stephen King movie adaptations go (Langoliers, anyone? Argh). I read The Mist when I was in Junior High. The book mobile came to our school and while everyone else was groaning about the book reports we had to write, I was looking for the biggest books I could find. Of course, Mr. King will almost always win that fight. The man don’t write small. I grabbed a book called Skeleton Crew without knowing much about it. The first story in the book didn’t grab me for a few pages. It just seemed like it was about fog.

Summary of The Mist

Following a terrible storm, a father awakes to survey the damage done to the house and the community. He takes his son into town to get supplies for the repairs and meets many other people out on the same errand. As he drives, he notices something a bit unsettling–out on the lake a line of mist is moving towards the town. I say line because the mist that is advancing is, according to the man, has a perfectly straight edge, as if someone (or something!!!! buh buh BUH!) created it or sent it.

The father and son enter a supermarket. The mist follows them and quickly envelops the building. It wouldn’t be a Stephen King story if things did not go smoothly from bad to worse to hellish. There are things out there in the mist. Shadows that are moving. Making noises. Sticking to the glass windows. And eventually, grabbing the people stupid enough to go into the parking lot to their cars.

Stephen King trots out a lot of his favorite devices here–the religious nut, army experiments, monster, fathers and sons, and more. This story has a great atmosphere and I love it as much today as I did back then. The final image of the story is fantastic. Give it a try if you like horror, King, or you’re just a huge advocate for fog and mist.


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