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Book Review: No! That’s Wrong!

No! That's Wrong! My son and I go the library about four times each week. He is two years old. I always pick a few books for him, but he is also starting to like wandering around and pointing to books, knowing that we will take them home. His latest pick was a funny picture book by Zhaohua Ji called No! That’s Wrong! Unlike other children’s book like Goodnight Moon, this book will not have a calming effect on your child. It’s pretty funny.

And how could you expect a child to do anything but laugh at a story about a rabbit who finds a pair of red underwear in the forest. The only problem is, he thinks they are a hat. So he proudly puts the underpants on his head and starts parading around, very proud of himself.

One by one he runs into several other animals. Each one of them takes a look at his ensemble and says “No! That’s wrong!” Each time the rabbit gets more confused and frustrated. Finally he winds up putting them on the correct way, only to find out that they won’t fit correctly over his tail.

Max laughs uproariously every time the rabbit gets corrected. He has also gotten the idea that he should wear all of his underwear on his head. When you let a kid read a children’s book, you have to take the funny ideas that they might get.

I would also like to mention the wonderful art by illustrator Cui Xu. To call it vibrant and creative would be a gross understatement. I’m constantly surprised and delighted every time I find a children’s book with wonderful pictures in it, and the appropriate marriage of author and illustrator is a very powerful and rare combination (Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, anyone?).

Ji and Xu have collaborated on a wonderful little story that I’m thrilled to have found. Actually, Max found it, but you know what I mean. If you’ve got kids, give it a try!


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