Update From The Combat Insomnia Experiment

Fact: if you declare that you’re about to finally take the steps to combat insomnia, thus bring to a close two decades of restless nights, going to Yellowstone National Park for the next four days will completely screw everything up. There is nothing less conducive to getting on a sleep schedule than taking a long trip with a toddler, staying up way too late, eating crappy food, sleeping in a freezing tent, and wondering if that sound in the night means that a bear is deciding whether to drag you out of your sleeping bag by the head or not.

But seriously, those are just excuses. Pretty good ones, but still–the fact is, the willpower that usually serves me so well is not doing a thing for me yet on the restless nights front. I have stated “I will do this and this,” and then I have not followed through.

That’s really not how it usually goes with me.

In short, as scientific experiments go, my attempt at insomnia relief has been a disappointment so far. Even after I got home from Yellowstone, I did nothing to get back on track. I’m honestly not sure what to make of my inconsistency.

If we decide to race each other to a strength-related goal, I’ll probably win. The same goes for reading the most books, eating the most shrimp, and so on.

When  I am driven, I’m not unstoppable, but it’s not the least applicable term either.

But I have not been able to buckle down with my self-imposed (and ignored) sleep study.

If you’ll remember, in my reasons for insomnia post, I was determined to:

  • Cut caffeine out of my diet after 12 noon each day
  • Start getting in bed at the same time every night

I have slightly decreased my caffeine intake, but I have only gotten in bed before midnight once or twice since that post. Some scientist, eh? I also put a couple of drops of lavender oil on my skin one night after someone mentioned that they were bathing in the stuff.

It made

So today, in light of this least triumphant of posts, I am recommitting to treating my insomnia. Or, at the very least, I am committing to figuring out why the hell this particular area of my life seems immune to my usual persistence.

Blah. (It hasn’t been all bad. The unlimited guest posts idea actually came to me while I was trying to sleep)


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