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Horne Wrist And Forearm Developer

I’ve done quite a bit of writing about how to build stronger arms–my answer is usually to quit ignoring the forearms and make them stronger. That’s what leads to tremendous overall arm strength. All of those times that you have heard that you’re only as good as your weakest part? Well, I think it’s true, both in bodybuilding and in strength. So today, rather than talk about another exercise that is a wrist and forearm developer, I’d like to talk about an actual piece of forearm strength training equipment worth checking out:

David Horne’s Wrist Developer.

The primary motion of this grip tool is that of the reverse bend, which you’ll be familiar with if you’ve ever read about nail bending.

Too often, the wrist is trained with dynamic movements. You know this is true if you’ve ever seen someone flailing around with one inch wrist curls in a gym, just waiting for the moment when their veins started popping out so they could pat themselves on the back and go home.

Horne’s wrist developer is the opposite of that. It is about training the forearm for static strength. This means that you lock the wrist into position and then you move the arms against resistance without letting the wrists flop.

This is a video from Adam Glass’s gym at the World’s Strongest Hands contest. The first thing you see them doing here is performed on the wrist developer.

If you’re not familiar with Adam, he has some of the strongest hands in the world. When he talks about grip, it’s a good time to listen if you’re a hand strength enthusiast.

I finally got to use a friend’s wrist developer the other day. It can be set at a lot of various resistance levels, which makes it perfect for a weenie like me. I’ll be placing my order tonight. There’s a lot of crappy equipment out there, but so far I have not heard one negative word about anything associated with Mr. Horne.

Thoughts? Anyone had a bad experience with this product? Any tips for making it more effective?


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