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If “Purchase Kettlebell” Is On Your To-Do List, Read This First

Buying kettlebells is about the only errand I have ever enjoyed. I don’t like shopping for groceries, I don’t like returning movies, and I don’t like having to go out to put gas in the truck. But when it’s time to purchase a kettlebell (doesn’t happen too often) I don’t walk, I run, even if it’s just running to my computer to buy one online.

If you are interested in kettlebells, you have a few options for brands and styles. This brief article will serve as a portal and guide you to some resources for further reading so that you can make the choice that is right for you.

Kettlebell required reading

These articles will help you get a better understanding of where the ketlebell came from, why it may be (or may definitely not be) the right implement for your training, and a couple of suggestions for buying from the store.

I also wrote a post recently about buying used dumbbells. This could be worth your time to read–any advice in the article about finding second hand strength equipment applies to used kettlebells as well.

My only caveat when people ask me if they “should” use kettlebells is to say “Yes, if you think they are fun and you want to get better at using them.” Otherwise, one tool is pretty much as good as the next.

But the kb introduces a real element of novelty and excitement that my own training needed badly. They may not work for everyone, but you’ll know within a minute or two whether you’re hooked for life or whether you should run away and find something else.

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