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Stop Insomnia

This is a continuation of an insomnia series that I have been writing.

I am now one month into my experiment with insomnia relief. The first goal I set for myself was to cut out caffeine after 12 noon each day, and to get in bed at the same time each night. I have failed miserably at the latter, and done okay with the former. But as to the question, how to stop insomnia, I’m not quite there yet.

The main problem–well, problems–that I have having is that the reasons for insomnia have not changed. I still deal with a lot of stress, although most of it is health stress related to projects that make me happy to work on. I still have a lot to think about. I still don’t like to go to bed on time. I realize that I’m whining about it and still, I’m not sure that things will change.

Anyways, here is the next variable I am going to be adding to the experiment: exercising early in the morning. I used to be in the habit of getting up every single day at 5:30 to lift weights. Then, by the time I got into bed at 10, 11, or whenever, I was usually exhausted, even if I had had too much caffeine, even if I was stressed.

The problem was that my body does not like to lift in the morning. It takes me a couple of hours to feel like things are loosened up, my joints are no longer creaking, my back does not feel like it’s been wound like a spring, etc.

Strangely, since I have changed some of my lifting habits, I am no longer as creaky in the morning. I’m actually feeling pretty good when my feet hit the floor. So, this next week, I will continue to cut back on my caffeine intake, get in bad at a similar (if not entirely reasonable) time each night, and exercise when I get up.



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