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Mr. Tall Book Review

Mr. Men and Little Miss booksAfter reviewing Roger Hargreaves book Mr. Strong, I was overcome by some serious nostalgia. There is no more wonderful feeling to me than being able to see a book that I have not touched for a couple of decades, and being immediately transported back into the past by the mere sight of the cover. So, because I work in a library, I spent my lunch hour today looking at some of the Mr. Men and Little Miss books. As I did, I realized that I wanted to review them all here on World’s Strongest Librarian. Today we’ll start with Mr. Tall, because I am also very tall and I can identify with some of his troubles.

The trouble with being tall

Mr. Tall has it rough. It seems as if the people who design beds, clothes, shoes, cars, airplanes, port a potties, and so on, ever design anything with him in mind. Actually, those are my own pet peeves, but there is a great picture in the book of Mr. Tall lying in bed with his knees touching the ceiling.

He goes out for a walk and meets Mr. Small on the road. “What’s up?” he says. “I am,” says Mr. Tall. The dialogue in the Mr. Men and Little Miss books kills me. I am convinced that Hargreaves wrote these books to entertain the parents who would spend endless nights reading them to their children.

The two decide to go to the beach. While they’re at the beach, Mr. Tall is glum because he can’t swim. “As soon as I start, I’ll be to the other side,” he complains.

Other characters

Several other characters from other books stop by to insult him by having a good time while he cannot, including Mr. Nosey, Mr. Greedy (he has the most hilarious stomach), Mr. Tickle, and more.

When it’s time to go home, Mr. Tall finally smiles. It is revealed that the beach is 40 miles away from the homes where they all live. He begins walking with those long long legs and gets home…in four minutes.

It takes Mr. Small 40 years.

Awesome. And now I have decided that I’m going to review every single one of these books before the year is over.


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