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Getting Confidence

What does it mean to be confident? Whether or not you would consider your a confident person or not, picture someone who has had a lot of success with getting confidence. Maybe they were born with it, or maybe they developed it, but they have it. Really think about this. What is it about that person that makes you say that he or she is self-assured? Where does the quiet confidence come from?

It’s highly unlikely that they went to the book store, purchased a copy of Confidence Boosters or some other such book full of fluff. But the older I get, the less I believe that people are born confident.

This is my own personal theory. The people I know who have the highest self-esteem–and I’m talking about healthy self-esteem, not arrogance or megalomania–are people who make progress constantly. Every single day they knock out their goals and they get a bunch of small wins for themselves.

I believe that is the key to getting more confidence. Small victories. Put enough small wins together and sooner or later they’re going to catch up to you and reward you with a massive success. When you are constantly succeeding at something, however insignificant it may seem, it is hard not to be happy about it. If you fill your life with goals and tasks that you can achieve, you’ll be set.

If you are setting goals as confidence builders, it is important that progress be measurable. If you have no idea what success will look like, you may not recognize it when you get it. It is better to draw the map before leaving the driveway. If you wind up succeeding well beyond what you had planned for, there’s no damage done, is there?

Find a way to win. Especially if you believe you can’t control your situation. You may find that you perceive things differently if you introduce something into the situation that you can control.

You are a person worth knowing, whether you know it or not! Once you begin to believe it, you will gain more confidence every day.

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