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Grip Strength Equipment Resources

Note: this page about grip gadgets doesn’t have any affiliate links, even though though at least one has an affiliate program. I don’t care about making money off these gents, I just want to help get the word out.

I have been specifically training for a stronger grip for about 15 months now. I don’t know if you’re one of the do it yourself grip strength equipment crew, but I certainly am not. I am on whichever crew you get on when you have no coordination and could manage to decapitate yourself with the unlikeliest tools.

But there is good news for people like me, because there are a couple of fine gentlemen out there making grip equipment that is far superior to anything else I have tried. Other than my non-handiness, there remains the simple fact that I love to buy fitness equipment, and Ryan Pitts from Strongergrip Enterprises, and David Horne from World of Grip are producing some pretty wonderful products for us oddballs who spend time obsessing about how strong our hands are. (or aren’t).

We’ll start with Ryan.

Strongergrip Enterprises

One of the reasons Ryan Pitts has been successful as an entrepreneur is that he is so excited about what he is doing. When he gets an idea that he thinks is cool, he makes it. And hopefully the grip world will think it’s cool as well.

I certainly have. Ryan has made several tools for me, including an apparatus that lets me clip pinch blocks onto an Olympic barbell so that I can perform pinch grip deadlifts with it. I can also pinch it and do swings with it, or farmers walks (not on a barbell).

When you take a look at the Stronger Grip site, you might wonder if the prices are too high or too low. After all, when you’re getting into the strange world of hand strength, all information is new information–it can be hard to know if you’re getting taken advantage of.

Take it from me, Ryan undercharges for just about everything.


I have talked to a lot of people who say they have had bad experiences with Ironmind’s service and products, but I have always had a great experience with them and their equipment.

I have purchased three different Captains of Crush grippers from them, the bag of nail beginner’s steel bending kit, a Rolling Thunder deadlift handle, and more.

Ironmind is more expensive than some other companies I have bought from, but I do believe that their equipment is high quality. I just think that there are many grip exercises that can be done on the cheap. Don’t think that just because you see a product in their store that is essential.

And on that note, if you’re looking for ideas for inexpensive grip training methods, check out John Brookfield’s Grip Master’s Manual book.

Swager Strength Equipment

Some of their equipment is very pricey but it is all high quality. As far as their grip equipment, so far I have only used their thick bar (exceptional!) and their pinch grip plates. They are willing to do customized gadgets and everyone I have interacted with so far with this company has been a gentleman and a genuine strength enthusiast. Great combination!

David Horne’s World of Grip

http://www.davidhorne-gripmaster.com/ could also be called http://www.freakingawesomegripstuff.com/

Until you have gotten your hands on the Vulcan products, you really don’t know how innovative and fun grip training can be. David is a huge inspiration of mine. He makes wonderful stuff. Check out these video of the forearm developer in action at the World’s Strongest Hands contest.

Fat Bastard Barbell Company

If you can find something expensive in Ironmind’s catalog, you can probably find a less expensive and much uglier version in FB’s catalog. I am a big fan of their products and have got my eye on a 2″ vertical bar for later this year.

Their beginning bending kits have a great reputation among the benders I know, but I have not personally used it myself.

You can make great progress by using any (or all) of the companies above. I love to buy and talk about this stuff, so I have items from every single one of them. For each individual, however, it should probably come down to how much cash you’re willing to part with on behalf of powerful hands, and the treatment you feel you receive from each organization.

And remember, you can develop a gorilla grip without equipment. You just have to get creative.


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