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The Book of Awesome Review

Yes I already wrote a book review of The Book of Awesome, but I’m going to do it again. I have a reason. There are books that I read again every couple of years. Not every book is worth reading twice, let alone once, but I find that with every year, I become a different person. Maybe the changes are slight, maybe they are drastic, but my identify shifts in ways that I could never have guessed at.

I’m starting to suspect that Neil Pasricha’s The Book of Awesome is going to be one of those books. I’ve had lots of relatives that get more bitter and irritable with every passing year. I would like to think I’m headed in the opposite direction. Life is too short not to appreciate the good things, the awesome things, both big and small.

That has been the most recent, identifiable change I can see in myself: whether it will prove to be short-lived or not, I am in a state where I feel more grateful for what I have than ever before. For the people, the gifts, the friends, the talents, and the experiences that I am accumulating.

What is The Book Of Awesome?

It is a list of things that are worth celebrating. A list of awesome things. As such, I hope the author writes many more accompanying volumes. This might be the first book that could have a yearly update from now until the end of time and not begin to duplicate its own material.

Every day I look for something new to add to the list. As long as I can do that, I know that I am still asking questions, looking for improvements I can make, and am probably enjoying my time here.

The days without the awesome things are, more often than not, days when I simply quit paying attention.

And for those of you who just found the site, here is the post with The Book of Awesome Review that I wrote.

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