Insomnia Relief – Week One

Yesterday I asked you all for feedback on the possible reasons for insomnia. No surprises, but it turns out that I’m not the only one having trouble sleeping. At the time of this writing, there were only a couple of people who said that they have never needed to seek a cure for insomnia, and that they were flying up in that rarefied air where people drift off in an instant.

But I’m going to put aside my insane jealousy for today’s post and brief you on the upcoming experiment. I want to sleep better. I’ve said this a lot (and meant it a lot) but talk is cheap and I honestly haven’t put the effort into my insomnia treatments that I could have.

If I put half the effort into resting that I did into my kettlebells or strength training, I’d probably be sleeping 19 hours a night. But as one of my most astute readers commented once, regret is the misuse of imagination.

So no more regrets, no more words, it’s time for actions. Here is the plan which I will be working off of. I’m going to try not to add everything at once, because I want to know which variables actually result in better sleeping. Once I am associating a particular action with an increase or decrease in sleep relief, I’ll modify it slightly and proceed.

I’m going to run this experiment formally over the next 30 days. My timeline may change–I’ve got a vacation coming up in about 48 hour that will screw up my sleep schedule but good–but I’m determined to beat this.

Here is what’s coming:

Week one

No caffeine after One Pm. I drink too much diet soda. Cutting it back will save me money and hopefully make me sleep better. I’m tackling this first because it will be the hardest step for me to take.

It’s lame and I’m weak on this front, which is the best reason to beat it. I wrote once that if you’re a slave to anything–whether it’s a cookie, a drink, a cigarette, a woman, etc–that if you can’t turn it down, you’re not completely free.

I am currently not free. I depend on caffeine and I suspect that a great deal of my sleep disorder nonsense stems from the simple fact that I have chosen not to wean myself off the bubbles.

I’m not planning on giving it up completely, but I am going to dial it back and have one pm be my cutoff point.

Looking ahead to week two

I’ll reevaluate seven days from now, but in week two, the battle for sleep will be fought on the get in bed on time front. I’m not going to quit reading in bed yet, but I’m going to get on a better schedule, just to see if it helps.

But first, the caffeine. Thanks for all the feedback yesterday. For me it was one of the most helpful discussion we have had here. Much appreciated.

To bed!