Inconvenient Accountability

Do any of these sound familiar?

Books make you smart.

Weights make you strong.

Obedience makes you humble.

Fans make you someone.

Practice makes you perfect.

Video games make you violent.

Goals make you ambitious.

Money makes you happy.

A guitar makes you irresistible to women.

Donuts make you fat.

Reality TV makes you stupid.

Church makes you good.

A spouse makes you whole.

School makes you educated.

Being alone makes you lonely.

Certifications make you qualified.

Toughness makes you a man.

Possessions make you happy…

…we could on for a long, long time, couldn’t we?

None of these things are bad. Or good. They’re just things. Processes. States of being. Perceptions.

A book that just sits there doesn’t make anyone smarter. It’s just a piece of paper.

A goal is just a word if nobody’s acting on it.

Any of these things could be associated with happiness, sorrow, or however you want to break up positive and negative. But I don’t believe that they cause anything by themselves. They just exist. We are the ones who give them their power.

Saying otherwise lets us off the hook and takes away our nice, convenient excuses. And all that inconvenient accountability.

We determine what role things play in our lives. Being perfect is an illusion. Being better than yesterday can always be the reality.


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