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Now Available – The Knot: My First Novel

It’s April Fools, but this is no joke. Today, I am as proud as I have ever been. The Knot is for sale. In the post below, I’m going to lay out your various options for order.

First, if you need some background on how The Knot came to be written, watch this.


I’m going to spare you the ginormous infomercial thing and just give you a look at the dedication page. You may roll your eyes. You may laugh. You may do any number of things, but I don’t care–what I say is heartfelt and sincere. You are all part of my life.

For Janette: I love you more than I can say

For Max: Love is not an adequate word

For my family: You held me up when I couldn’t hold on

For Adam T. Glass: You are my strange, strange brother

For the Readers of World’s Strongest Librarian: You are even stranger than Adam.

Here are your buying options:

Option 1: You just can’t wait and you have a Kindle.

Download it here.

Option 2: Buy a print copy from Amazon

A paperback copy of The Knot is on sale from Amazon for $20.95. I’m not at all embarrassed by that price. The Knot took three years to write and it’s got a whole lotta pages and I love it.

Buy from Amazon. (this link will also take you to a synopsis  of the book)


I am this book

This book means everything to me. It is pure me, and if you are a regular reader, that will be a good thing for you. The Knot is easily the most personal thing I am able to share with you. It was the only light-hearted thing in my life during the blackest years of my existence.

And it easily the most creative thing I’ve ever done, and that’s saying something. Opening the package and seeing this book for the first time–well, I was as happy as I’ve ever been. When you read it, you will know that I had a hell of a good time writing it.

All my love and respect. Thanks for the support, yesterday, today, and always.


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  • C Thacker July 25, 2011, 6:23 pm

    Congrats Josh!!! Pretty cool. I can’t wait to get to reading it!