Are You Truly Free?

Earlier this week I received the most powerful, moving guest post I’ve ever read. About 24 hours later, the author decided that they were not comfortable having it published after all.

I was disappointed but I understood. The post was about overcoming a very serious addiction.

And although I won’t be able to publish it, I would like to paraphrase one sentence from the article:

When you cannot control what you do, if your weakness controls you, if you cannot say “no” to a box of cookies or a prescription bottle of pills, then you are not free. You are being lead by something else.

That hit me between the eyes like a hammer. Weakness can mean a lot of different things, but let’s just call it anything that keeps us from doing what we’re meant to do. That’s something different for each of us.

It’s what Steven Pressfield calls “The Resistance.” From his incredible book The War of Art: (review from Jenny McCoy)

It goes without saying that this principle applies to drugs, shopping, masturbation, TV, gossip, alcohol, and the consumption of all products containing fat, sugar, salt, or chocolate.”(page 23)

So there are two quotes from two people I look up to.

Let me be the first to say, I am not free right now. I am being led by things that I am trying to work on. They’re not horrible or incarceration-worthy, and none of my urges would be at home on Jerry Springer, but they’re there.

Are you being led by things that are keeping you from doing whatever it is you truly wish you were doing? Are you truly free?


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photo credit: Randy Read