My Unexpected Lunch With Seth Godin

I was in Minneapolis last Friday when I got an email. Or, rather, Seth Godin copied me on an email to Kelly King Anderson from

Me and Seth. I've never felt less dainty.

It said:

Kelly, meet Josh. He’s the World’s Strongest Librarian. If he’s free and interested, I’d love to invite him as my guest to your SLC gig with me next Friday. Have fun guys.

Hmm…I thought. Am I really interested in going to lunch with Seth Godin and hearing him speak?
The answer was yes. I didn’t have to think very hard about it.
I only got to talk with Seth for a few minutes, but here are the takeaways:
  • He didn’t like my shoes (Vibram Five Fingers)
  • I placed him under my protection and he accepted
  • He said that our agent is way more exited about me than about him (I’m pretty sure he was lying)
I’ve always loved Seth’s writing, but this was the first time I’d seen him speak. Absolutely hypnotic in the best way. He said many things that I agree with and many things that I already knew but wasn’t aware that I knew them.
My favorite?
If someone can write down your job description, they can find someone to do your job cheaper. There’s no job description that describes being yourself.

Seth, thank you for everything. Here’s to fearlessness. Here’s to the inevitable failures that lead to inevitable successes.
I’m done waiting my turn until someone convinces me I have to.
How about you, friendly reader?

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