Come Introduce Your Blog

Howdy reader.  I reckon that after all this time, I know why most of you come here to read.  You are one of a wildly diverse group I can either refer to as The World’s Strongest Librarians or The Loyal Weird.  You may choose.  But the point is, I now know why most of you read World’s Strongest Librarian.

Because you are interested in:

And many of you have blogs.  Many of you write.  But I don’t know how many of you know each other, so today let’s just do this:

Leave a comment and introduce your blog. Tell us how long you’ve been blogging, why you do it, what your blog is about, and whether you have specific goals for your blog in mind. Rather than just putting it in the URL field, feel free to leave a link to your blog in the comment.  But I want you to choose a post that you feel best represents why you’re blogging and who you are.

Then let’s spend some time checking out as many links as sound interesting to each of us.

People are fascinating.  Most of the time I love them.  If you’re here, you’re obviously a genius, and your blog is surely an extension of that genius, right?

Let’s have ’em.  Mix and mingle.



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