Scandal And Mayhem: My Life As Sister Of The World’s Strongest Librarian

I am in Denver with my family.  My sister is the most fashionable person I know.  Her motto: “I can sass up a stick.”   However, this sordid tale is Megan at her least glamorous.

by Megan Horton

Megan Horton - Innocent

Megan Horton

When we were little we lived in Moab, Utah.  One afternoon our mom needed to go to the store and she took us along. She left us in the car while she ran in. I was probably five at the time and very impressionable.

I would have done anything Josh asked me to, so naturally when he asked me to stick my bare butt out the window I did it without hesitation.  Like any good brother though he did it as well.

Our mom came out and was greeted with the sight of our bare butts wagging out the window for all to see. Our mom was big on manners, so this didn’t go over well. That was many years ago and the details are still very fuzzy.

I have no idea why Josh asked me to do this. He probably just said “Let’s stick our butts out the window” and I did it without thinking. It must have seemed like a great idea at the time. I would have loved to see my mom’s face when she saw what her two precious angels were up to while she was in the store.

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