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Three Lessons I Wished I Never Learned As A Kid – Guest Post by Fat Chomper

titanic-lampBy Jeremy, the Fat Chomper

Thinking back to the grand old days of Grody Jody, The Howard Hedger Golden Eagles, and the blue house on Lincoln street has me feeling all warm/fuzzy/nostalgic inside.

I was living in Aberdeen, South Dakota,  a green-horn grade school student, with hair parted down the middle and I was wearing pin striped J.C. Penny husky jeans(large size thighs).  I share with you now three lessons I wish I hadn’t learned way back then.

1.  It’s Hard to Be Yourself (Sorry Grody Jody)

To me she was beautiful.  I thought about her all the time.  Her name was Jody and she was the center of my universe.  I couldn’t take it any longer and I started to make feeble attempts to communicate my inner desires.  I actually looked at her and made eye contact for more than 2 seconds.  Oh heartbeat.  I said “hello”.  Once, I even brushed up against her and our shoulders touched.  I knew she felt it too.  I was going to tell her exactly how I felt.  I mistakenly told my friends and their reply was “I can’t believe you like Grody Jody!!!” followed by perpetual ribbing.  What would I do?

I would like to say that I ignored them and told her exactly how I felt.  Can’t do that.  As I was leaving school one afternoon I noticed her walking in my direction with a smile on my face.  I also noticed that my friends were just on the other side of the playground looking right at me.  I did what any other upstanding, love ridden, school boy would do…..I flipped her the bird and called her Grody Jody.  She was crushed, I felt awful, my friends laughed.

To make matters worse my dad saw what I had done as he was waiting to drive me home (another story entirely).

Where would I be if I had just followed my heart.  Sorry Jody.

2.  Nothing Lasts Forever

I was twelve, sitting outside with my brother, when I heard the crash from inside the house.  My dad walked outside, said he would talk to us later, and that everything would be just fine.  We ran in and saw our mom sitting on the couch crying, a broken lamp in pieces on the ground.

I knew what had happened and immediately started to cry.  Our light blue picture perfect house on Lincoln Street suddenly became a house without two parents.

I wish I didn’t have to learn that my parents weren’t perfect.  I wasn’t ready for the truth.  I still look back at that day as one of the saddest of my life.

3.  Friendship Atrophy

Aberdeen, South Dakota was home to 5 of my closest friends ever:  Abram, Brian, Kent, Jeff, and Chris.  We all went to Howard Hedger Elementary School.  We did everything together.  Sleep overs, bike rides with the cards in the spokes, trampolines, Boy Scouts, sports, you name it.

As a result of that fateful day with that broken lamp, I soon moved away from my best friends to Quincy, Illinois.  I have now completely lost touch with all of them.  I can remember everything we did vividly, and my time with them helped shape who I am as an adult.  I loved those guys, and I miss them to this day.

Of course I have made new friends since then.  But nothing like those guys.  Something about crab apple fights, trick or treating, and flag football can never be duplicated in my adult life.


1.  Sorry Jody.  Sorry Dad.
2.  I forgive you mom and dad
3.  Where are you my old friends?
4.  I miss the Hub City (Aberdeen)

I wish I never learned those lessons when I did, but I also know those events helped shape who I am right now.  I’m married to a beautiful woman.  I am a father to the most special girl in the entire world.  I also have great friends who help me get into new kinds of mischief.

It’s our steps that make us….Don’t forget to pay attention to each step you’re on.  It won’t be there forever.

About The Author: The Fat Chomper is a guy named Jeremy that loves to write about life, running, music, books, and whatever else moves him at the moment.  He is a geeky dude that lives in the woods who passes time writing Chew The Fat.  Please subscribe to Jeremy’s updates
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  • Jodi at Joy Discovered November 21, 2009, 11:16 am

    Hi there, great article, good lessons. This was an enjoyable read. I have memories like those, too. Just like you, I wish I didn’t learn them, but then at the same time I credit the person I am today to those lessons learned, so in a way, they were special gifts.

  • Terrence November 21, 2009, 11:23 am

    Yea, those are some tough lessons to have to learn. I went through something like that also, (!.) Being hard to be your self: I have let friends steer me away from a girl that I liked but they did’nt. (2.) I was also taught by my parents, about the finite nature of relationships. After four years of marriage my step-father filed for divorce from my mother. He delivered the papers to our house on the day after my high school graduation. I can never forget the look on my mom’s face. (3.) I have experienced Friendship Atrophy: I really miss my old guitar buddy Willie Brooks, (Downtown Willie Brooks as we used to call him because he was arrested once for playing downtown without a licence!!) he advanced so fast on the guitar, that it amazed me. He began to teach me licks and tricks. We hung out together every saturday and eat chinese food and watched HairBangers Ball. He could sing and tell some of the craziest jokes I had ever heard!! He kept me in stiches. about 10 years ago He moved out to L.A. and I havent heard from him since. I miss him.

    Thanx for the great post!

    always PLAY LOUD and From the Heart!!

  • Srinivas Rao November 21, 2009, 10:08 pm

    It’s funny. I guess I have so many memories similar to this because I’ve lived all over the world growing up. That was definitely an enjoyable engaging post. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Kevin November 24, 2009, 9:03 am

    Hey Jeremy greate post. I guess life throws all of us some lessons we wish we didn’t have to learn. Some of those lessons even come as an adult. I wonder wether it’s better to lear as an adult or child that relationships end. Probably as an adult but that means changing years of perspective on life.

    Anyway I have believe one statement you made is inaccurate “I am a father to the most special girl in the entire world.” You see I have the two most special girls in the world and the most special boy. But these semantics we can argue over another time.

    Thanks for writing a blog here on Josh’s site. It has allowed me to find and follow you.

  • Jeremy November 28, 2009, 11:56 pm


    I can see why we disagree. Good for you. Thanks for the contact. I look forward to working with you.

    Josh…Thanks for posting this. It was fun to write.