Some Thoughts On Hard Work

I realized yesterday that I had been living under this unfortunate perception: I am working hard.  In this instance I’m referring specifically to my physical training, but this could apply to the pursuit of any goal.

Working hard compared to…?

This fact is at the core of the perception: just because I was outworking most of the people I knew, I decided I was working hard.

And then I learned what it means to work hard at strength training.  I’ll never forget it and I’ll be better for it.  Best of all, now I have a standard to shoot for once I’m working out on my own again next week.

Two questions for anyone chasing a goal

1. Do your behaviors match what you say your priorities and goals are?

If not, it is either time to reprioritize or start syncing up your habits with your goals.  No more talk.  No more wishing.  There is saying you want something and there is actually wanting it to the point where you go get it.

Big difference.

If you want to write a book, you better write something.  If you want to be strong, you better be working at it and testing your limits.  If you want to be able to do a backflip, don’t spend the whole day practicing cartwheels.

2. Are you testing yourself?  Do you know where your limits are?



I thought I did.  I was wrong.  It just took stepping outside my comfort zone.  I was happy to feel mildly superior before.   As it turns out, I wasn’t really challenging myself.  I just didn’t know it.

The best way I know to test my limits is to find people who have achieved the results I want.  The best way for me to find my own limits is to observe people whose limits are well beyond my own.

Find someone to chase.

Don’t get too comfortable.  You’ll regret it.


More thoughts on work? Let me know below.

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