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The Sunday Backtrack: Interview With “Unbreakable” Adam T. Glass

Adam and a really big kettlebell

Adam and a really big kettlebell

Since I interviewed Adam Glass a couple of months ago, I’ve gotten to know him a lot better.  My respect and admiration for him have only increased.  At the time, I was a starstruck fan.  Now, I’m no less in awe of him, but he has also become my friend.

Today I’m headed to North Dakota for a week to train with Adam in Minot.  This should generate some very cool material for the blog.

If you are just getting here, please take some time and read the interview I did with Adam.  It’s not just for the strength crowd.  This interview has as much to do with character, compassion, dedication, and obsession as it does with strength training.

Part 1: The state of American fitness, the hardstyle strength system (RKC), and some physical challenges facing the US military.

Part 2: “Unbreakable” fitness, why you should help others get stronger, and the good and bad things the Internet makes possible.

Part 3: Perceptions of bodybuilding, how to start with feats of strength, and why information should be shared, not guarded.

Part 4: The realities of training too much and Adam’s proudest achievements, in the gym and out.

Part 5: Who Adam looks up to, what comes next, and the one thing he wishes people would start doing.

Please enjoy the interview.  If you’ll excuse me, I need to go eat 100 boxes of Wheaties before I head north.


PS: Did you get a free guest post from me yet?

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