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Guest Post Ultra-Marathon: Let’s Get Stupid

Dear Reader,

Boo hoo...

Boo hoo...

Today you will find:

  • A sob story
  • An opportunity for the two of us to collaborate
  • A guest post orgy/ultra-marathon that could help us both

The Sob Story

I don’t know what it is, but my Tourette’s has suddenly spun out of control. I’m having symptoms that I haven’t seen for years and am actually hurting myself again (not on purpose!). Lots of hitting, scratching, and a dislocated thumb.

Oh, and I keep biting down on silverware and have made the chip in my tooth even more Stonehengey

Rather than crippling me like it used to, it’s just really, really, really irritating me.

The only thing that ever helps is to be distracted. Nothing distracts me like focusing on writing, so…

Our Opportunity

Many people that read World’s Strongest Librarian have blogs of their own. I hope you are one of them. Here’s how you can help me help you help me. Did that make sense?

I’d like to come write something on your blog if you would like that. Just to see what happens. You get a guest post from me, I get a link from you.

Then I’ll run a list of the posts I’ve done and you’ll also get a link from me.

Your Part In This Fiasco

To prove that I’m not sitting around on a stack of guest posts that I can just mail out to anyone at all, all at once, I’m introducing a small catch.

If you’re interested in me writing something for your blog, please contact me lickety split and provide:

  • Your blog’s title and URL
  • What you would like me to write about
  • An estimated word count: between 350-700 is ideal for me
  • An interesting angle to approach it from. Try to get creative. This should be fun.

Let’s See How Ridiculous We Can Make This

Because I’m not smart enough to quit typing right now and delete this post, I’m not going to put a cap on the number of posts I’ll write. 5? 30? 100? 200?. Let’s see what happens. Why not?

Between now and November 1, I will write as many guest posts as possible. It will help me handle my disorder, it will help me with my blog’s branding, and will provide you with one more grateful partner in your bag of blogging tricks.

You know I can write and I know you’re a genius since you’re here. We’ll class each other up.

Of course, I’ll still be taking care of business here at WSL, so consider this a massive double-dog-dare challenge to a guy who’s always looking for ways to push himself.

Writing is no different. This will be a great challenge for me and a treatment that my doctor’s would never think of.

And it’s a chance for you to take a day off from writing. As we go, I’ll post links to the posts I’ve done, so you’ll get a link from me as well.

Best of all

We both learn something about each other during the collaboration. That’s really what will make this worthwhile. We’ll have to interact a little more than we’re able to here on the blog.

I won’t say no to a guest post unless:

1) I can’t write about the subject with a conversant knowledge. I’m not going to be able to do a post about calculus without spending a couple of years with tutors.

2) It holds no interest for me at all (this is unlikely, as there are fun ways to look at just about anything). Again, get creative with your ideas. Let’s push each other a little bit and have a laugh.

3) Your blog deals with something I can’t support (think criminal activities or spam or Celine Dion…you get the idea)

Let’s go!

I’ll be staring at my inbox, convincing myself that this was a good idea as it billows and explodes.


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  • Jeff Goins May 15, 2011, 2:13 pm

    Love this idea! I’ve recently seen the importance of guest-posting and enjoyed reading more about your story on Copyblogger. Very cool. I’m at the point where I’m getting more submissions than I can keep up with, but your example sets a high bar!