Five More Reasons To Love Kettlebells

It’s time.  I’ve gone too long without talking about kettlebells.  If I put it off one more day, I’ll have to change the logo.  Never!

And so, as if you needed any more reasons other than the bond and the freaking fantastic lessons of the RKC weekend, here are five more reasons to love the greatest and most fun strength tool of all time.  The kettlebell.  Da da da DA!

1.  They take over your life, but it’s an obsession worth having

I submit as exhibit A, the greatest birthday cake of all time, made just last month for my brother-in-law Ben:

kb cake

Ben's B-day cake - 27 lbs for the little tyke

A conversation Ben recently had with my little sister:

Ben: I was thinking that if I’d never met you…

Lindsey: Yes?  (pre-swoon)

Ben: I wouldn’t ever have heard of kettlebells. (because he wouldn’t have met me)

True story, and for the record, I introduced Ben to kettlebells.  Bwahahahahaha!

2.  Kettlebells force you to focus

Enter any gym in America and you’ll see a group of guys in string tank tops doing bicep curls while watching the aerobics class.  That’s not focus.  That’s what Dan John calls the “It’s all you bro!” school of fitness.

Strength is a skill and it requires you to pay attention.

Try getting cute with a kettlebell and you’re going to smash your face in or wreck your feet when you drop it.  Once it starts whipping around you wouldn’t notice that you’d stumbled into the middle of a writhing harem all crying out “Sultan of swings!  Please pay attention to us!”

Hmm…that analogy definitely had men in mind.  I can’t think of the equivalent for females.  Maybe stumbling into a lair of sexy vampires or those time traveling vikings and highlanders that are on the romance novels?


3.  Kettlebells teach you how your body works

Nearly every movement you do with a kettlebell requires that your whole body do something.  If one part breaks down, the movement either fails or puts your body in a compromising position.

I’ve been coaching my wife Janette and she has changed in the last three weeks.  Her whole body is gaining strength and it is so fun to see the confidence she’s getting.  We’re not working on a dainty tricep here or a shapely calf there.

Everything hardens up and gains strength at once.  It’s a great feeling.

4.  Kettlebells force you to get stronger

Assuming you actually pick them up and don’t just use them for your blog logo, when used properly, kettlebells are going to make you stronger.  You don’t have a choice.  The only way you can fail to gain strength with these beautiful monsters is to let them collect dust.

Results.  Kettlebells deliver results every single time.

5. Kettlebells are fun to use

The pistol

The pistol

It feels cool to do stuff like this.  It’s fun.  More importantly, a movement like this is impossible if your whole body doesn’t work together.  You learn things about yourself because you have to practice.  You can’t improve without practice and it’s more fun to practice than to “work out.”

I said in an earlier post that bumping into someone who uses kettlebells is like running into an old friend you’d lost track of.  Nobody runs into a fellow bench presser or jogger and says, “No way!  Me too!!!!”

Kettlebells are fun, brutally difficult, wonderful tools that become a lifestyle.  I haven’t met many dumbbells I can rave about for this long.

And I submit with the most fervid ardor, a dumbbell certainly wouldn’t look as good as a cake.


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