Sponsorship Experiment Round One: Meet The Winners!

All right, today starts the first month with the results of the sponsorship contest.

Flattering and impossible

There were lots of auditions, which was very flattering. It also made choosing very difficult. I tried to strike a balance across several disciplines.

Lots of different people with many different interests read World’s Strongest Librarian. I tried to pick a group of sponsors that reflect that.

Above all, I just want to promote people that should be heard from. These are all people and blogs/businesses worth knowing. Each of these winners really said or did (or is doing) something that got my attention.

And now!

In no particular order:

The Mighty Kat

WBAN-bannerKat Ricker is a well-manned poet and author who is also a complete savage when it comes to Olympic lifting and bodybuilding. She’s very loud about women getting in the mix, getting strong, and having positive role models to look up to.

Kat also tied with Gary, who you’ll meet in a moment, for best audition line:

I automatically withdraw my application if you are hit with bigger bloggers who could make you a millionaire, or smaller bloggers who could use the boost more than me. I’m just in it for fun and curiousity, but if there’s some single mother out there trying to peddle hand-whittled rape whistles, please bump me…

Please go say hi at Mighty Kat.


balloon girlLaura Wall is here for a more solemn and important reason: saving lives. Laura is fighting to raise awareness of Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes. She is passionately involved in a job worth doing and a cause worth supporting. Learn more at Stop SADS.


WSLbannerNothing complicated here. Ryan Pitts makes tools to make your hands stronger so you can pursue important tasks like ripping phonebooks or bending steel. Ryan’s tools are gaining popularity with MMA fighters and other professional athletes. I’ve been using a couple of his toys for a while now. If you are interested in grip strength, this is your guy. Strongergrip is superior for grip tools.

Kelly Diels

phat(s)ass_AdKelly Diels is a shrill and sassy pygmy who also has a bellowing, hypnotic, irresistible writing voice. Describing herself as the “girliest of girly girls,” she nevertheless has fit right in at World’s Strongest Librarian because she is just as weird as everyone else here. I can’t say I know much about the topics she usually writes about–but I read them because of just how good her writing is. You can visit her at KellyDiels.com.

Kettlebells 4 U

Gary Berenbroick tied with Kat for the greatest audition line.

kb4uzzzzsIn the last year, I’ve recovered from mistaking my left hand for a bush with my electric hedgeclippers, learned I have narcolepsy after quitting caffeine and still trained for and showed up to RKC Level II.

I’m interested because we should start a club of RKCs with misunderstood neurological pathologies that were made fun of in Deuce Bigelow.

Gary is a wonderful person who has overcome some crazy stuff to be the giant among men you see before you. Our attempts to put together the banner you see were a true comedy of errors. The first few attempts looked less like a kettlebell than a snoring spool of thread. We both agreed that there is a reality show in the narcoleptic movie store clerk and librarian with Tourette’s angle. Visit Gary at www.kettlebells4u.blogspot.com

Straight To The Bar

moderatorsttbbuttonScott Bird has been my blogging mentor since the beginning, which, although it wasn’t that long ago…I’ve come as far as I have because of him. I had done some writing for Straight To The Bar long before launching my own blog. World’s Strongest Librarian came about in part because Scott liked the idea. In a way, I owe him part of anything good that has happened here since.

Straight To The Bar is a community of strength people from every weird little niche you can imagine. Scott doesn’t discriminate. “All Things Strength” is the tagline for Straight To The Bar. It’s true and I’m a better person for it.

Here’s What Happens Next

When the month of September is over, each organization or blog will have a chance to negotiate for another month…or three…or six…

Honestly, I have no idea if this will generate enough traffic to be worth anyone’s money. This will be a fun learning experience all around.

If nobody wants to hang around, everything comes down and we’ll open up October for a new round of auditions. The next round of ads would go up on November 1.

Thanks to everyone who participated. I wish I could have chosen everyone.


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