Blog Sponsor Experiment on World’s Strongest Librarian

Hey gang, here’s what’s up:

I’ve accepted a couple of sponsors in the last 24 hours. That’s right! World’s Strongest Librarian has now officially put fancy pants on and people want to be associated with it…by choice!

Here’s what up also:

Rather than make anyone else pay to sponsor WSL right now, I’d rather try something fun to engage us all a bit:

I’m going to open up a few spots for anyone who would like to sponsor World’s Strongest Librarian in order to get their blog or business some free traffic.

I would then put a 125 x 125 banner in my sidebar. If you’re curious as to what that might look like, I’ll be shooting for a similar look to what Darren Rowse has in the sidebar here on Problogger.

Here’s how you do it and what I need if you’re interested

I don’t care if your blog is teensy weensy or if your business is ginormous. This is just going to be a fun experiment. I’ll learn a big about the whole sponsorship thingy, and you’ll get a free, highly visible link on World’s Strongest Librarian for the month of September.

If you’re interested, please email me with sponsorship experiment in the subject

  • Write one paragraph for me on something you did in the last year that you’re proud of. Anything goes.
  • Your URL
  • A description of your blog and/or business
  • Why you’re interested
  • Your pitch: why should it be your ad? Just how cool are you?

By the end of August, I will select four additional sponsors for a total of six to run, free of charge, in the month of September.

You’ll need to provide me with the 125 x 125 banner for the ad.  I would have more luck designing something with a crayon in my mouth than tinkering with design software.

You’ve got a great chance as long as you’re not an obvious spammer, scammer, or you imply that readers of World’s Strongest Librarian need cialis, levitra, or viagra.

Here’s to us, my merry band of virile geniuses!


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