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Being Stupid Makes Life Harder

During one fateful trip to see Chris Cornell in concert, a friend and I treated each other to some incredible pain.  Watch the video and behold a sordid tale of a double-dog-dare gone bad!


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  • Larissa July 31, 2009, 9:59 am

    A mother’s proudest moments. . . 🙂 I am seriously afraid of what my boys are going to do someday. . or have already done and I just don’t know about!

    • Josh Hanagarne July 31, 2009, 11:00 am

      Larissa, you’ll never know the half of it. Just accept it:)

  • Jessica Marie July 31, 2009, 11:20 am

    I really shouldn’t listen to or read anything on your website at work. I started laughing and my coworkers looked at me like I was insane. It constantly amazes me how stupid high school and college age guys can be (no offense.) It’s amazing how many of you make it to be 30. That was a great story. (Did your brother throw up after drinking the tobacco spit?)

    • Josh Hanagarne July 31, 2009, 11:33 am

      He did throw up eventually. I’ll try to get him to come on and tell that story. No offense taken. We’re pretty incredibly non-smart at times.

  • Kyle Hanagarne August 3, 2009, 9:07 pm

    Drinking that tobacco spit was pretty gross I have to admit, but hey, when you’re 16 working for minimum wage, you’ll do just about anything for a buck. I’ll do it again on video for $1000…8 years have passed since then, and no longer work for minimum wage. Inflation on my stupidity has skyrocketed, but everyone can be bought.