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Sunday Backtrack: The Terrible Day I Met Bruce Campbell

Recently I said that my most-viewed pages was the book review of Where The Wild Things Are.  Not far behind that is The Terrible Day I Met Bruce Campbell.  This was the first post I recorded audio to go with.  It seemed to fit well with the story and I was pleased to find that some aspects of the story come off better in audio than in writing.  It’s easier to punctuate with pauses and uncomfortable silences, as was the order of that dumb day.

For those of you just getting here, Bruce Campbell is the star of the cult movies Army of Darkness and the Evil Dead movies.  A couple of very interesting things have come out of the Bruce Campbell story.  First is that tons of people are finding World’s Strongest Librarian when they’re searching for photos of Bruce in Google Images.  Today the post received a new comment that says: “You’ve made a fan out of me with one post.”

Thanks, but thank Bruce for reacting to my antics as a normal person should.

The other great thing about the story is that, barring unseen difficulties or changes, a greatly expanded version of the Bruce Campbell story will be serving as the sample chapter for the book proposal for the memoir The World’s Strongest Librarian. I’m still not used to saying “my agent,” but I’ll say that Lisa loves the Bruce story and it has been tied into the overall Tourette’s story that I think you’ll love.

If the book sells, I’ll be thanking Lisa, Bruce, and all of you.  Thanks as always for laughing with me, at me.

Now quit laughing and go lift something so heavy your face turns purple as your penance for giggling at me.


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  • We Fly Spitfires July 26, 2009, 11:29 am

    You met Bruce Campbell? I’m in awe.

    I’d kiss him if I met him.