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Traffic jam!

Author’s Update: since writing this post, I’ve gone on to do many, many more guest posts. I’m more convinced than ever that for me, guest posting is the right choice for traffic building. I wrote something for Copyblogger that you might get a kick out of if you’d like to see just how much guest blogging I’ve done.

Today’s post is a bit of a departure from the norm. If you don’t get enough of your book and kettlebell fix today, the good news is, I’ll give you a ton of blogs below who will fix what ails you today.

There are two reasons for getting off topic today.

1. Many World’s Strongest Librarian readers have blogs of their own, both for business and pleasure. They have been encouraged by the success my young blog has had, and have asked if I have any advice they could use. They make a grave mistake in treating me like an authority on anything but eating donuts, but I will see what I can do.

2. I’m getting tons of emails from hysterical “experts” who say things like:

  • Your blog is not focused at all. Why is it growing so quickly? It will fail if you keep this up.
  • It seems like you have a lot more traffic than you should. How are you doing it?
  • Your search engine optimization is terrible. Why are you getting so many readers?
  • Your numbers are great, but you’ll never make any money this way.

These are the sorts of questions professional bloggers (or wannabes) ask themselves, and it is the way they think when they read other blogs.

That’s not how I do it, whatever “it” means. To them all, I say “Be quiet and let me be.” I write because I love it and I’ll write whatever I want and you can talk when my readership quits going up every day. All you “rich at all costs” thinkers go hang out together and leave me alone.

If I make money eventually, so be it, but the fun comes first. People can spot a phony, and they can tell when you’re on the hustle, even if you have great stuff to offer. I’m no phony, and that’s probably why I make 50 cents a week from my blog.

But I have a good time and my readers increase exponentially every day. I had 40 more subscribers when I woke up this morning than when I went to sleep last night, and that’s all the proof I need.

The guest post: it’s fun and a good way to make friends

I write a lot. If you’ve ever been here, you know that. What you might not know is that I write a lot for other blogs as well. Then they send me their traffic. This is more labor intensive than writing with Google and search engines in mind, but I don’t care. My Google traffic is building gradually, like it does with everyone.

My traffic from sites sending me their own traffic is absolutely exploding. The guest article is my favorite way to build traffic. It’s fun and it builds community. I’ve made some great friends this way.

So here’s the list of blogs I’ve written for. Some are massive, some are small. Some I have a lot in common with, others I targeted just for a game, to see if I could trick them into letting me write.

All have been great experiences and I’ve got a lot more guests posts coming up. But just because I think it’s fun and it keeps me engaged.

Articles written for:


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Some Unexpected Benefits Of Blogging

Internet Business Path

Interviewed by Tyrone Shum

Journal Of Cultural Conversation

Interviewed by Laura Cococcia

Lifestyle Design For You

Interviewed by Gordie Rogers


A Definition of Freedom

The Diesel Crew

Productive Variety

Art Palaver

Tic Tic Boom


Better Questions Than “Do I Need A Mentor?” and “How Do I Get One?”

How To Land Big Interviews When Your Blog Is Small

I Heard Blogging Was Dead.  I’m Glad I Didn’t Listen

Straight To The Bar

Book Review: Strength Training Anatomy

Jungles, 12 Steppers, and UFOs

Small Victories

Charm City Kettlebells

If It Sucks, It Probably Instructs: How And Why to Keep Promises to Yourself

The Mighty Mix

Fisticuff Lit For Bruisers And Non-Dainty Ladies

Synergy Athletics

Five Ways To Improve Your Fitness During Your School Day

Average To Elite

Because It’s Worth Doing Right

If you’ve never written a guest post before, it can be a little unnerving. As always, just remember: The worst case scenario is really not that bad.

If you’d like to write a guest post for World’s Strongest Librarian, pitch an idea to me. If I can use it, I will, I promise.

Take care


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