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Strength Beyond Strength Interview Project – Help Wanted

Hi everyone. It’s been an exciting week. Here’s the news:

My interview with strongman Adam T. Glass was so popular, I’ve been encouraged to compile a massive list of strength and fitness interviews to be released in a book later this year–shooting for December. I am partnering with other websites to make sure this information will reach as many people as possible.

The working title for the project is Strength Beyond Strength: The Interviews.

I wanted to talk about the theme for a moment and ask for your help.

The Theme

We train in very different ways, in different disciplines, but we all train for similar reasons. We all feed off of the same energy. To that end, I’m going to be interviewing some big names across every strength and fitness discipline that I can come up with. Then we connect the dots and the similarities will blow us all away. This is about the philosophy of pushing yourself. Not the how, but the why.

The Interviews

Of course, this is not a done deal until an interview is actually completed, but here are the good people who have agreed to be interviewed so far. I’m going to give you their names and web addresses so you can read up on them.

  • Dave Draper, the Blond Bomber.
  • Peter Nestler, 7 time jump rope champion
  • Dan John, RKC and track and field God (this is a tentative yes right now, but I will be meeting Dan this weekend and Dave Draper’s wife has tentatively committed him)
  • Blaine Moore, currently working on running a marathon in every state in the US
  • David Whitley: Master RKC, former professional wrestler, all around awesome guy
  • Jim Smith, founder of The Diesel Crew, author of Accelerated Muscle Development, strength coach extraordinaire
  • A killer trapeze artist
  • and many more…plus a couple of surprise guests I’m not going to tell you about

What I need from you

Submit questions to me to be asked in the interviews. If you want to know what Jim Smith thinks about A,B, and C, ask. Questions I deem inappropriate will not be asked. The interviewees will have the right to toss out questions they’re not comfortable with with any reason.

Where you can submit


If all goes well, my partners and I are shooting for a release date of early December. Interviews will be completed by November 1.

Before I go do an interview, I’ll put the name out there for you and you can submit your questions.

I could not be more excited about this, and my partners feel the same way. We are going to create something very special that we can all benefit from for years and years. This is going to be a lot of work, but absolutely a labor of love from one of the biggest fans in the game: me!

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If you know of someone who fits the bill for an interview, please let me know. I’m currently still looking for (and have ideas of who I want to contact) for:

  • Parkour
  • Dance Dance Revolution
  • Fencing
  • Swimming
  • Wrestling
  • Powerlifting
  • Rodeo

Please send me anything (or anyone) I’m missing or may not think of. Read: send me everything! And if you would be a great candidate for an interview, let me know who you are and why you’re right. Let’s talk.

Give this post a ton of tweets and let’s make sure everyone sees it who can contribute to the project.

Love and respect,


PS: By the way, I get to go to dinner with Dan John tonight at the IOL Bash in Salt Lake. Later today I’ll be at kettlebell practice with a bunch of my heroes. Good times! I’m so excited I’m sitting here trying not to pee my pants.

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  • Ben Owens June 5, 2009, 3:21 pm

    This sounds awesome, Josh.

    As for who you could interview for fencing, there is only one man you should talk to: The man, the myth, the legend, Bruce Dickenson! (Yes, THE Bruce Dickensen of Iron Maiden!) He’s a hell of a fencer, or so I hear. 🙂

  • Ben Owens June 6, 2009, 3:28 pm

    Yes it is. He learned to fence so that he could exercise backstage while on tour. He apparently became very good at it…

    • Josh Hanagarne June 6, 2009, 3:54 pm

      I’m glad he produced something worthwhile in addition to Number of the Beast.

  • Dangeruss June 13, 2009, 7:00 pm

    For wrestling you should interview Matt Hughes. Unless of course you were thinking of WWF type “wrestling” in which case I have no idea.

    For swimming obviously Michael Phelps would be a good choice, but I would also like to hear from other swimmers. Maybe that Australian swimmer something Thorpe from the Sydney Olympics.

    For Powerlifting I would say none other than Eric Cressey. Or he could possibly recommend someone else.