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Interview for BBC Outlook, Podcast Recommendation

Hi all, the program BBC Outlook released a brief interview that I did with them a few weeks ago. You can listen to it here. It covers ground that will be familiar to those of you who have followed me for long, but they did a great job.

Also, I’ve been walking to walk on purpose, even though it’s been a frigid stretch. The reason is just so I have 20-30 minutes per day of uninterrupted time where I can listen to Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcast, which has become something of an obsession form. In short, it is a masterful examination of some of the world’s most insane historical episodes. Dan protests that he is “not a historian” but is rather a “fan of history.”

Dan is a historian. There’s no doubt about it. Each series he does is like an audiobook–some run as long as seven hours when you add up the episodes–with all of the boring stuff taken out. His enthusiasm is contagious. More importantly, these stories are useful in understanding how the world works, by dint of understanding how we got to this point.

There are several free episodes, although I’ve gladly paid for the archives. If you want something to start with, the (free) Blueprint for Armageddon series is a masterpiece. After that I would jump into Ghosts of the Ostfront.



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