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The Dreams of John Weaver

Hi all!

I’m very happy today to announce the title of my new novel, which will be released in early December.

The Dreams of John Weaver. It’s the first in a series and you’ll get the next two entries in 2017. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Official description is below:

If you could watch someone’s dreams, would you?

John Weaver wakes from a three month coma with the ability to see peoples’ dreams, including those of his father which reveal the mother John never knew.

But the small town of Morgan hosts more sinister dreams than John could have ever imagined. When he discovers who might be responsible for the abduction of five year-old Marion Little, he begins to wish he had never looked at all.

Morgan has a secret — an evil brewing at its core. As he struggles to solve Marion’s disappearance, protect the girl he loves, dodge a vicious bully, learn what really happened to his mother, and keep his father safe, John Weaver is about to learn the high price of following his dreams.

It makes me want to read it. I can’t wait, I can’t wait.



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