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A Few Reading Recommends and Updates

Hi all, the latest draft of the novel is done, so I’m popping back in with a few reading updates. Here are a few eclectic choices if you’ve been looking for something new to try.

The Days of Abandonment by Elena Ferrante. 

Perhaps the most scathing, beautifully written, cynical takedown of marriage and family life that I have ever read.

Kitchens of the Great Midwest by J. Ryan Stradhal

Very quirky, full of food, funny, and might give you some recipe ideas. I tried a ghost pepper recently. Between that and this novel I was reminded that I am a weenie with spices and heat.

Good Prose: The Art of Nonfiction by Tracy Kidder and Richard Todd

If you are interested in memoir, personal essays, journalism, or any sort of reporting, this is a fantastic read. Highly practical, but entertaining.

The Familiar Volume One: One Rainy Day in May by Mark Z. Danielewski

If you read House of Leaves (I loved it, but don’t really pretend to “get it”) you’ll find The Familiar far stranger, and far more impenetrable. It’s the first of a 27 volume series, so this initial entry is almost a bunch of odds and ends by definition. It’s a fun book to look at; the design is incredible. Or annoying, depending on who you ask. If I didn’t have any history with Danielewski’s works I wouldn’t be as excited for The Familiar as I am, but I have faith and can’t wait for Volume Two in October.

I’m hearing great things about an upcoming book called Home on Fire. 

Just read a graphic novel called Smile that was adorable.

Reread The Little Friend by Donna Tartt and enjoyed it so much more than I thought I would.

I think that’s it for now. Anyone reading anything great?

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