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The Babadook! Ray Bradbury! Clifford!

If any of you are fans of psychological horror, it doesn’t get any better than the Australian film The Babadook. It’s available as a stream on Amazon.  It’s not a go-for-broke gorefest, and some will say it’s too slow, but don’t listen to them. I’ve never been quite this unnerved by a movie. No less than the director of The Exorcist has called it one of the most terrifying movies he’s ever seen.

In other news: Norman Ray Bridwell, the author of the Clifford the Big Red Dog series, has died. When my girlfriend moved to Salt Lake to live with me, she brought two original drawings from Mr. Bridwell, which he drew for her at an elementary school assembly long ago. They’re enormous, and are hanging on one of our walls.

Bridwell was a treasure. I’m so happy he was part of my childhood.

Also, I’m reading Fahrenheit 451 again. I’d forgotten too much of it. There are some books that are worth reading every few years. They don’t change, but I do. 451 is one of them. If you’re a Ray Bradbury fan, here’s one of my favorite interviews with him.

Be well, friends.

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  • Stanton Nesbit December 17, 2014, 8:29 am

    Agreed on The Babadook.

    There’s a sad trend in horror, most films beginning with the words “Based on real events.” We are then asked to accept the film as evidence for the existence of ghosts, ESP, demonic possession, alien invasion cover-ups, etc. None of this is scary because there is no analogy to real life: just lots of loud noises and dogs barking at walls.

    Horror works better as metaphor for the things that haunt us in real life: guilt, loss, powerlessness, disease, intolerance (think classic Wolfman, Frankenstein, and modern classics like The Devils’ Backbone). The Babadook brings those themes home with compassion and artistry.