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Interview With Arthur Conan Doyle

Here is some incredibly charming footage of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle talking about his most famous creation, Sherlock Holmes. This just made my day, and my day was already going pretty well.

If you want an interesting story, look up the history between Doyle (a spiritualist) and post-escapist-career Harry Houdini, who went on to become a tenacious debunker of mysticism, seances, etc. Great stuff.


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  • Tom Southern June 19, 2014, 8:44 am

    Extraordinary footage. I forgot that Conan-Doyle was a doctor. Also, he makes a good point about Reasoning: people want to know how you got from A to B. It’s not just about explaining things, it’s about telling the journey’s story.

    This matters as much to marketers and bloggers as it does to writers. I know there’s a trend going on at the moment around telling stories for marketing purposes, but I’ve always thought that it’s a story that matters most whenever you’re trying to get people engaged. I remember an advert here in the UK for Landrover. It showed a plucky Landrover battling through all terrains and against all foes to get an important package to its destination. I was sold. Because it reminded me of my childhood in Africa and of treks with my parents. Nostalgia sells!

    Incidentally, Conan-Doyle was a supporter of the Cottingley Fairies; photographs faked by two young girls of them playing with fairies at the bottom of their garden. Conan-Doyle was one of famous names to say that he believed the photos were real. It proves that, no matter how scientific we get, we still have a need to believe in stories.