Looking For Poetry Suggestions

Hi all, I’ve been in a poetry phase for a couple of weeks now. This is only strange because I don’t read much poetry, and have always felt helplessly clumsy when discussing it, or pretending to.

When I was a senior in college I took a modernist poetry class. At the beginning, we each had to tell a poet that we loved and a poet that we hated. I can’t remember who I said I hated, but I had two answers for poets whom I loved.

Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss.

I still love them, but am attempting to broaden my horizons a bit, to use a cliche that would be excised from any respectable poem, or so I hear.

So, over to you, geniuses. I’ve liked a lot of poetry from TS Eliot, Margaret Atwood, James Fenton, Dylan Thomas, Auden, and especially Rilke. I’ve mostly read Rilke in French, which seems to make anything sound lovely.

Do you have a favorite poet? A favorite poem? I’m in the mood to try out anything you’ll steer me towards.