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Happy Weekend, Reading Update

Hey folks, I finally got done with a round of server migrations, so all is back online, running smoothly, and I’m happy to back for the foreseeable future.

I’ll have a longer post coming on Monday, but for now I wanted to check back in and tell you what I’ve been reading:

Watership Down by Richard Adams

It’s been too long, which in this case only means two years. No surprise here, but WD is every bit as beautiful as I remembered. The appearance of Cowslip still gave me the chills, I still love the rabbits’ lore, and General Woundwort remains a great villain.

The Unpersuadables by Will Storr

Interesting look at various elements of pseudoscience. I thought this book would have an anti-religious bias, but, while it is an appeal to reason, it’s not a screed that should be off putting to people of faith.  Some of the most interesting stories about mental breakdowns and mishaps in recent memory.

The Beak of the Finch: A Story of Evolution In Our Time by Jonathan Weiner

This book proved to me that there reading about a scientist who observes a few hundred finches on the Galapagos Islands for twenty years is way more fascinating then I ever could have guessed. Also, this book won a Pulitzer.

That’s it for now! Happy to be back.





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  • Daisy May 18, 2014, 10:02 am

    OH, Watership Down! We get the neighborhood rabbits in our yard because we’re the only ones on the block without a dog. Evenings are “silflay”. Dare I admit that we actually name some of these critters?

  • Avil Beckford May 18, 2014, 12:35 pm

    I loved Watership Down. I think it is a great leadership book, Hazel the unlikely leader!

  • evelyneholingue May 19, 2014, 2:32 pm

    Read none of them, so good to add to my summer list. Thank you, Josh.

    • Josh Hanagarne May 20, 2014, 3:15 pm

      You’re welcome, please let me know if you read any of them.