Another Week of Reading

Howdy all, it’s been another busy week of reading and writing. A few observations and recommendations:

  • If there has ever been a perfect book, I think it is Lonesome DoveI’d predict that this is at least the tenth time I’ve read it. It makes me happy, instantly. Gus and Call are as or more fully realized than any other fictional creations I have ever encountere
  • The Pippi Longstocking books have some of my favorite illustrations, ever. That link goes to the big hardcover version
  • The Nightmare Factory by Thomas Ligotti is one of the more frightening graphic novels I’ve come across.  His short stories are harder to find, but worth it if you like horror
  • Why I Am Not A Muslim by Ibn Warraq. I wound up watching a bunch of Christopher Hitchens debates this week, and he reference this book a couple of times. A good read. If you are intrigued by the Salman Rushdie chapters, you’d probably enjoy his memoir of the fatwa years, Joseph Anton

That was it for books. Next week I’m speaking in San Antonio, and then in Tarrytown, New York. The new projects continue to be enjoyable and odd.

Hope you’re all doing well, more soon.