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Letters For Kids With Tourette’s Update!

Hi gang, per the usual, I overestimated my ability to do a lot of things very quickly. However, even thought I got behind, I believe I’ve written and mailed all of the letters.

If New Years comes and your child didn’t receive a letter, it means I got scatterbrained and it fell through the cracks. I underestimated the response this would get and I’m sure I wasn’t as vigilant as I’d like to think I was.

Also, some of you wrote to me but didn’t include an address! If you think that might be you, please check the email you sent to me and have a look.

I’ve already started hearing back from some of the kids. It’s been the most fun I’ve ever had. You’ve all done ME a favor. Also, I included my cell # in the letters. If you’re okay with it, and you think it might help, please tell your kids that I expect to hear from them.




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