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Fighting Hunger With Holiday Haikus

Hi all,

Today is the launch of Penguin Random House’s Holiday Haiku campaign. If you tweet a short haiku on Twitter and use the hashtag #HolidayHaiku, PRH will donate one dollar (up to $2000)  to City Harvest, an organization dedicated to feeding the hungry in New York during the holidays. Read more here.

If you’re going to do a haiku, here’s the format: three lines, with five syllables in line one, seven syllables in line two, and five syllables in line three. Simple enough. OR IS IT???

I was asked to write a haiku about a very short romance. Here goes, but I’m no poet, so be gentle.

Snowflakes on her book

I read over her shoulder

Laughed at the same time

Give it a shot! Put your poem in the comments if you’re feeling sassy!


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  • Scott December 12, 2013, 9:35 pm

    Nicely done. Alright, since I have no theme at hand, I’ll try a very short romance haiku as well.

    Eyes meet through the glass

    Twinkle, speak silently, but…

    The train rolls away.

  • Jack M December 13, 2013, 7:37 am

    Hardly any leaves
    Branches quiver in the wind
    White powder blankets

  • Don December 13, 2013, 7:41 am

    My Dogs

    Milo and Cassie,
    Brother and sister they are.
    Why does he hump her?


  • Tracy December 13, 2013, 8:08 am

    Tweeted to @PrinceWMLibrary:

    I should wrap presents.
    The stack of books calls my name.
    Holiday tasks wait.

  • Siri December 13, 2013, 8:19 am

    Made this haiku when I was in elementary school.

    Isn’t it funny
    How hungry bears like honey
    It’s just like money

  • Jade Walker December 13, 2013, 10:31 am

    Write poetry and help others? I’m in.

    Simply cannot sleep
    Waiting, waiting for Santa
    Is it morning yet?