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Perhaps The Best Tourette’s Question Yet

This Sunday past, I was taking a cab home from the airport at 1 AM. The driver asked for my address, shook my hand, and told me that he was from Pakistan. He likes driving a cab here, because the roads are so nice compared to Pakistan.

As we talked, I was having small tics. If you’re unfamiliar with Tourette’s, it produces involuntary noises. I was making a noise that sounded kind of like a cross between a hiccup and a throat clearing. After perhaps ten minutes of this he said:

“Sir, what is this silly phenomenon? What on earth is happening to you?”

I explained.

“No, we all have that,” he said. “Everyone can have the hiccup. So I ask you again: what is this silly phenomenon? Why would you do such a thing?”

We had a very lively chat. Given how tired and airplane-weary I was, it was a pretty good ride home.

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