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Video From The Hartford Library/Mark Twain Event

Hey everyone, The Hartford Public Library just posted the full video of my event. I was interviewed by Jacques Lamarre, Director of the Mark Twain House.


  • My tics were pretty bad for an event, so if you’re curious, this is what a 5 out of 10 on the Tourette scale looks like for me (it does stop while I’m talking).
  • For you Tourette folks, there’s a lot of good discussion about tics, breathing, and my timeline
  • At least watch the Q & A, which is about the last 15 or 12 minutes. Pay particular attention to the “midget” question and how deftly I danced around that madness
  • I spanked Jacques in the final minute of the video and he giggled. A legitimate giggle.
  • My shoes, which I only trot out for libraries

Watch it here.

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  • Jennifer July 29, 2013, 11:01 am

    I watched/listened to the whole video. (Dedicated fan over here, ha ha!) Great interview Josh. Very interesting.

    That midget question…um what?? The World’s Biggest Softie, love that idea. You’re adorable when you speak about your wife. I got all choked up along with you. I might be the World’s Weakest Softie. 😉

    Thanks for sharing this!

  • Susan July 30, 2013, 2:04 pm

    Hi Josh,
    Great interview ! I am wondering how is your son doing? Is he in school now? Does he have Tourette’s? I really felt the love you have for him come thru the pages of your book.

    • Josh Hanagarne July 30, 2013, 2:59 pm

      He’s great, Susan. Haven’t seen much that looks like a tic in the last couple of years. So we don’t know, which is great for now.

  • Mary July 31, 2013, 10:42 am

    The World’s Strongest Librarian
    I just finished reading the book The World’s Strongest Librarian. It’s an auto-biography by Josh Hanagarne. I really didn’t know much about the book except that it was written by a librarian and it was on a best seller list. As a public librarian myself, that interested me.

    Josh tells about his life in such an entertaining and heartwarming way, you can’t help but feel touched by his struggles in everyday life. The main categories that define Josh are his size/strength, family/religion, Tourette’s Syndrom, and his love of books.

    Many of Josh’s life struggles are like our own, yet he has Tourette’s Syndrome, which makes things SO much harder in every way. I loved his public library stories (which are similar even though our libraries are different sizes). I loved his view on family and particularly his mother (mother for 4 boys over 6’2″). I don’t know much about the Mormon religion or Tourette’s but upon completing the book it inspired me to do some more reading about both subjects.

    I enjoyed this book! At no time did he make you feel sorry for him, but opened your eyes to what a constant struggle life is at times. Josh Hanagarne is so much more than just his syndrome that you can see physically and I think this book shows that.

    Good Luck Josh…..what an inspiration!

  • Monika July 31, 2013, 2:19 pm

    I sat down last night thinking I’d watch just a bit of the video, and ended up watching the entire thing. GREAT interview, and I agree with Jen, you are just adorable when you talk about your wife!! 🙂