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Back Home For A Few Days – Recap of St. Louis Event

Hi all, despite having done nothing but talk, eat, get driven around, and watch Iron Man 3 for the past week, I was whipped when I landed in Salt Lake last night. Seasoned traveler? Not I.  Not yet. But I’ll say that I’ve never had more fun in a week.  Such a good time. Now I’m home for four days before heading off to the jewels of America that are Seattle and San Francisco, or so the legends go.

A few more observations from St. Louis and the event:

  • If you can get 50 people in a library on a Saturday night at a free event, someone at that library is doing something right
  • The event was wonderful and I was thrilled to see some Tourette’s kids there. Also, a strength coach from the St. Louis Rams came out and if I am half the brute at 58 that he was, I’ll be happy.  Very nice, very strong.  Lifting will help you age well. I have seen the evidence!
  • Parts of St. Louis looked like New York, except that there weren’t any people on the street. Like, none.
  • On Saturday morning we got trapped by a 5k–we almost had no choice but to start running or get trampled, but we escaped into a place called Smoothie King, which turned out to be even more crowded than the street.
  • I asked someone, “tell me why a person might visit Missouri?”  He immediately replied, “There are three things we do really well–meth, portion sizes, and hate crimes.”  Then he laughed.  I have no idea if it was a joke.  I did have some big portions (of food).
  • I ate at a steak house where the booth had “privacy drapes.”  I had to close them, I couldn’t help it.  Then I said, “Let’s talk loud and make everyone think celebrities are in here. I’ll be Lebron James.” That was the night the Heat were playing, but I forgot, so nobody bought my fabulous imitation.
  •  Five dollars is too much for a can of Sprite (don’t ask)
  • I ate great food on this trip, but I didn’t eat that clean and I’m paying for it.  I also didn’t get enough exercise outside of walking. Will remedy this on the next leg of the trip.
  • The more times I sign my name, the worse it looks. I’m not sure how to fix this.  When I run out of clever things to write, I start drawing pigs, but then even the pigs start to get sloppy. 

More to come!

If you’re in the Salt Lake area, this Thursday evening is the big Author’s Live event. It’s going to be fun. Hope to see you there.




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  • Boris Bachmann May 13, 2013, 7:07 pm

    St. Louis is a GREAT place. I took the lad there two days in a row and probably could have gone another day!

  • Boris Bachmann May 13, 2013, 7:07 pm

    …I took the lad to the City Museum two days in a row, that is.

  • Eric West | Friendship Society May 14, 2013, 4:57 am

    Glad to hear the book tour is going well. I’m about half way through the book now and I’m really enjoying it. I like the library stories at the beginning of each chapter. They break up stories of hard times and make the book a bit lighter and happier.

    I had a dream about you last night. We had a giant ham cold cut and we were playing Frisbee with it. At one point the center of the ham fell out and cold cut Frisbee turned into a cold cut ring (or aerobie if you remember those things). We continued to play with it until it flew over a fence. No problem though since you are so tall, you just stepped over the fence and retrieved it.

    I’m not sure how to interpret that dream, maybe you have some ideas.

  • Daisy May 14, 2013, 3:46 pm

    But did you have the famous fried ravioli?